Jennifer Castle – “Monarch Season”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Ontario singer-songwriter drops another breathtaking track off her forthcoming LP

Last month, Ontario singer-songwriter Jennifer Castle released the haunting, pastoral single “Justice” off her forthcoming LP Monarch Season, her follow-up to 2018’s excellent Angels of Death. Today she blesses us with a new piano-driven folk-tinged ballad that serves as the title track to the album, which arrives on October 16 via Paradise of Bachelors.

“Monarch Season” is poetic and meditative, relying on sparse piano notes and Castle’s heavenly voice as she reflects on and grows motivated by nature’s cyclical spirit. It’s another gorgeous ballad from the Canadian songstress that beautifully foreshadows Monarch Season‘s poignant, minimal and homegrown aura.

Castle shared the inspiration behind the track:

“I remember writing ‘Monarch Season’ last year this time. The monarchs were out in the sky, on the trees and in the meadows. Of course they are so inspiring. And yet the words I remember resonating with me the most are ‘I can’t help myself from flying away with them.’  

“Something about that line felt so self-compassionate, the medicine of it worked first on me, and the rest came fast and easy.  It gave me the permission to be the type of person that, at 43, still gets profoundly overwhelmed by nature and her cycles, and needs to stop what I’m doing to suddenly write a song about butterflies. Are you like that? Me too.” 

You can pre-order Monarch Season HERE, and get lost in the title track below.