Ilithios – “Rattle Your Sabre”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

New York musician delivers anthemic, stomping new track

Lockdown has affected us all differently here in 2020. Whether it’s adjusting to new routines, rethinking life events or even just combating a growing waistline, we’re all, as the kids say, going through it.

N.Y. based artist Manny Nomikos has used this time in quarantine to craft a new persona, Ilithios, along with a debut album set for release on October 23rd called Florist. Impose Magazine is thrilled to be hosting the exclusive premiere of its latest single “Rattle Your Sabre” today.

The anthemic track rides a stomping beat and blaring guitars and keys as Ilithios grabs you by the shirt collar and shakes you the complacency out of you. “Rattle Your Sabre” offers raw emotion and a window into a different aspect of distancing as we now know it.

Nomikos shares that, “‘Rattle Your Sabre’ is a taunt against the privileged around us. Not just privileged through economic means, but also emotionally. The people blessed with a proper upbringing, loving family, and a rational mind. There’s a stream of consciousness to the lyrics but overall it’s a mischievous poke at those people who have those things and how they interact with the rest of us.”

Listen to “Rattle Your Sabre” below and pre-order Florist here.