Jeremiah Jae's Black Jungle Radio series

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Jeremiah Jae

LA by way of Chicago rapper and producer Jeremiah Jae started a series entitled Black Jungle Radio and it's off to a tremendous start. It began January 3 with the Kutma-produced, “BlackMyth” and continued today with “The Fonz”.

There's a circle of beast MCs in LA that are forming a loose pack consisting of Jonwayne, Zeroh, Jeremiah Jae, Quelle Chris, and Azizi Gibson. They can be heard on one another's cuts, creating posse tracks that give the impression everybody is hanging out first and recording is an afterthought. “BlackMyth” furthers the collaborative friendship over a cold-blooded funk beat from Kutmah. Zeroh's gruff spoken word leads like the record button was pressed mid-rant. His voice embodies the phrase old soul, as he sounds like an ancient griot narrating his otherworld hustle.

Jeremiah Jae handles all the honors on “The Fonz”, flipping a fuzz-toned sample that pains me to not recognize. “The Fonz” has a sinister sound that beckons the nastiest of bars and Jae responds with “my face smirking like the Grinch” and plenty of cocktales about turning out chicks to make Too Short tip his hat.