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John Atkinson

We have had some fun lately reading John Atkinson's words about the NBA playoffs (and DeMarcus Cousins), not to mention listening to new music from his band Aa (or Big A, little a if you will). Always staying prolific, Atkinson recently informed us that he scored an album's worth of material for Lev Kalman and Whit Horn's film L for Leisure, lending a listen before releasing it on digital download and cassette June 26 via Bandcamp. And with the film premiering tomorrow, June 25 at BAMCinemafest, you are invited to an exclusive premiere to a world of summer leisure.

On the L for Leisure soundtrack, the serenity of summer-dazed days begins with the introductory thematic opener, “L (Theme)”. Chilled and subdued times ahead are marked with the vocal interlude “So Mellow”, before the January 2014 single “Hello Nurse” sings out into the drones of tomorrow's stone fountains and gardens with vocal support from Whit Horn. The vapor trails and vapor waves that display the time twisting allure of a project that was three years in the making, here on the decompression popular dance underground arrangement of “Pressure”. The perils of college and borrowing more student loans are spelled out in the conversational interlude, “Andie's Lament”, as “Tree Spirits” materialize from their arboreous locales, to playing some extra-curricular b-ball on “Shooting Hoops” —the intro to “Bapple”.

“Halo Effect” creates a ring of celestial summer pop, while “Ice Spirits” explores the colder sides of the globe. College cool cat talk takes over the interlude “Geniuses” before the edges of waking consciousness are pressed like the way the sun initiates the day on “Wake Us”. The atmospheres of the soundtrack take a cathedral pipe organ turn for the “Darkside” as “Red Eye” soars toward the synth light from the digitized clouds. The psychosomatic alignment is discussed in the bit “Mind/Body”, which emphasizes the immediate imperatives of boogie boarding, while “Futurewarz” leaves the door open for thousands of ambient tomorrows.

L for Leisure will be available June 26 via Bandcamp. You can stream it in full below.

Peep the film trailer here: