Junglepussy, Pregnant With Success

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Honored guest in Yale’s Fall Lecture series, Junglepussy had to learn the power in word quick. Her early singles, “Cream Team” and “Stitches”, were produced in haste to test waters and garner hype. “Cream Team” gained the admiration of Erykah Badu with its power in the P message, while the decree in “Stitches” encouraged petty behavior among young women. With her profile on the rise, Junglepussy made it her m.o. to empower.

Recorded as an ode to her mother and all mothers, Pregnant With Success counters the counterfeit singles of her past with a focused body of work that furthers our feminine future. Tracks like “Pop For You” and “Only Way” sets precedents for intimate invitations beyond passé pop tropes. The Junglepussy criteria is trips to the zoo and public affection in front of his friends to let her know it’s “really really really me and you.” Pregnant With Success realigns the lost worship of the female form (“I predict in 2016 / you gon’ be needin’ me like Nicotine / on your knees where you supposed to be”) without lapsing into the Cosmo fodder of Umpteen Ways to Make Him Worship The Ground You Walk On. And while Junglepussy encourages less aggression, particularly of the girl-girl variety, the record is not without its aggro-bangers like the vintage N.O. bounce of “Get To Steppin'”.

By closer “Dear Diary”, producer Shy Guy has offered no singular template for Junglepussy. She’s stomped through all rap-chic pigeonholes with no airs of belittlement. In that same regard, men are not made of straw nor scapegoats in the under tow of a feminist wave. In the end, she’s at the bathroom mirror, brushing her teeth and reflecting on her philosophies: “I reside in a realm of my own. But I still know how to co-exist.” Spin the record back and Junglepussy’s world is precisely that, a vision of equal sexes coexisting in unity.

Junglepussy’s Pregnant With Success is available as a USB, aka Pussy Portable, via her webstore.