Kane Pour's latest head trips

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Kane Pour, Wasp in the Silver Orbitstream c18

This isn't the first time we've needed Kane Pour in the early hours. This is however, our first post-5am Kane Pour experience.

Sometimes you've been up all night not because you wanted to be but because the demons were yipping at your hind legs through the witching hour, and now that it's day and you're hiding from the light lest you vanish into thin air, diaphanous reams of Kane Pour sound silt is the only thing that keeps you from going completely bat shit hater on a crappy dance track or something.

There's a c18 called Wasp in the Silver Orbitstream and a VHS release and you can sample both of them here, or grab the whole thing here.

Kane Pour, Side B of Wasp in the Silver Orbitstream c18

The VHS matches the tape to found footage edited by Evan Galbicka.