Mikey Rocks keeps it cool for the summer

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mikey rocks

It will be a summer squandered if the Cool Kids don't drop When Fish Ride Bicycles in the prime sun rays. There should be fleets of fixie kids in every city, cruising the boulevard with a ghetto blaster fashioned to the handle bars, pumping this record – hell, that should be the video.

Cool Kids already tided us over with Tacklebox, which still gets hella play in these scorching summer days. Mikey Rocks recently hooked up Ill Roots with a few solo non-album tracks to keep the hungry fans at bay once more.

“Bahamas” and “Sunshine” do not stray far from Chuck Inglish's sound, which is odd considering they were produced by Produktionix. Mikey, who recently dubbed himself “Sir Michael of Rocks,” sounds right at home, putting on to his latest slanguage with “these niggas is ugly… cave spiders.”

Produktionix get major props for the lush production. “Bahamas” rides a twinkling piano loop, leaving Mikey plenty of space to operate between a sing-song flow and double time bar stacking. Produktionix tagged on a tender piano outro that acts as the bon voyage to our stay within its get-away beat. “The Sunshine” knocks heavier like an instrumental from the Beatminerz vault, but with a Chicago vibe.

Mikey Rocks, “The Sunshine”

Mikey Rocks, “Bahamas”