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Kid Flicks is Nickos Dervisis, an artist and musician from Lefkada who lives in Athens, Greece. His LP Hearts of Gold is available through Inner Ear Records.

Greece's music scene is on fire and growing by the day. It's divided into numerous sub-scenes like garage revival, experimental/noise, electronic music scene, etc. (I personally don't know where I'm included).

It's like a smaller version of the international scene and nowadays you can watch a great concert in Athens almost every day for free or really cheap. Sometimes I go to so many concerts that I can't stand any sound (music, TV, phone, doorbell) at all for the following days.

They may have lowered our salaries, oppressed us, removed our rights and contributed to the decline of our country, but nobody will ever take away our contribution to music and art.

Five years ago we were grumbling about the scene here, but we managed to go forward. I'm proud of us!

This mixtape includes some of my favorite artists of the new Greek scene. I tried to make it work as best as I could, because most of the tunes don’t fit with each other. The Kid Flicks song I picked is a Christmas cover (though it doesn't sound Christmasy at all) just to make you feel odd and think how fast time flies–but who cares, summer is coming!

Kid Flicks Mixtape:

BeaTol & The Eagol
BeaTol and the Eagol is a duet from Thessaloniki, experimenting with the various different results of mixing together samples from already existing songs.

The Boy
The Boy began writing songs and playing piano as a member of the group f(a39) from 1997-2003. He also formed the piano-punk performancegroup Mary and The Boy. In 2009 he started releasing his own material as The Boy. Watch a video.

Big Fat Lips
Big Fat Lips creates sloppy beats.

Ktiria Ti Nuxta
A project from Athens, creating self-psychoanalysing, improvisational pop sounds and soundscapes.

Spyweirdos was born in Athens in 1980. His involvement with music and composition began in 1993. Since then he has been dealing with the subject of sound musically and scientifically. He has participated in various projects and collaborations, including the Greece mission to Biennale Venice in 2008.

Kid Flicks
Kid Flicks is Nickos Dervisis' music project. Originally a visual artist from Lefkada, he is self- taught in music and works with samples, electronic sounds and real instruments. Watch a video.

Social End Products
They live in a psychedelic jungle, they feel like snakes and eat stuff on the sidewalk.

Fantastikoi Hxoi
Fantastikoi Hxoi (Imaginary Sounds) is a remix project based in Athens that draws material mainly from obscure Greek pop, rock and folk tunes, and other world music. Using samples from classic and totally forgotten tracks, FH create a peculiar retro-futuristic sound.

Gios Tis Afis
What if Noel Gallagher stopped listening to The Beatles and The Kinks and started listening to Captain Beefheart and Stereo Nova?

Angelos Kyriou
Angelos Kyriou began recording in the mid-Nineties and is in the bands Figures MrCantfind, La Situation Conga and Betty Loop Loop. He lives, works and blogs in Athens.

Victim of Society
Pure noisy rock and roll duo.

Monday Night Fever
Dreamy electronic cinematic exotica from Athens.

King Elephant
Drumming, mixing, producing, and a big philosophical nothing – no money no honey, etc …

South Off
Live improvised mixing and electronics.

drog_a_tek is an elastic music collective communicating through live performance and improvisation using analog and digital instruments, field recordings, experimenting and recording in real time. Watch a video.

Cover your ears 'cuz it's coming.

Mr. Z
Mr. Z lives and breathes music from his hometown in Athens. He is a well respected DJ downtown and showcases his eclectic tastes on his Naked Sides blog.

Giganta is the third musical project of Eleni Adamopoulou (Magnitophono, Manekinekod). Creating electronic beats, often off beat, chopping vocals and pitching sounds, is her “superhuman” power.

Until recently, his songs were channeled mainly to the musical group The Place Within, while last year he begun to make solo live appearances using the technique of live-looping.

Kernel 13
Soundscapes, synths, guitar and Japanese rock influences from a huge Kaoru Abe and Keiji Haino fan! (kilota in Greek means “panties” and vatrahos means “frog”)


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