KIT, Lown† God Rising

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The etymology of “lownt” is almost as mysterious as Chicago-based artist KIT himself. Don't bother with though, as it's just Cincinnati speak for a crazy, bizarre situation, object or person.Connotations may be fluid, but either way it represents something extremely strange and unexpected. And that’s exactly what KIT’s done on his latest tape, appropriately named Lownt God Rising.

The alias of the 24-year-old Keary Baldwin, it’s an uncategorizable mix riddled with murky beats and lingering echoes, unified only by an unshakeable sense of unholy otherworldiness.

Spidery percussion, underwater-esque production and echoey woodwinds come courtesy of Supreme Cuts, lending Lownt a chilly, slightly sinister vibe. It’s a very different feel from his last release NewWavey, which felt slower and séance-like, thanks to the downtempo production and Baldwin’s more melodic vocal approach.

However, his latest effort is grimier, harsher, faster. The beats are heavier and the party vibe is ever-present, yet still clinging to the urban underbelly, “druggy vibe” he cultivated on his previous effort. Definitely more fitting for a man widely known as the “Lownt Guy” back home. “I was always the craziest guy in Cincinnati,” Baldwin laughed. “Supreme Cuts came up with Lownt God Rising and it’s kind of like I’m on the rise too. It works.”