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Shine Again

From its opening salvo of exotic and exhilarating tones, Kutiman’s new single “Shine Again” off his latest offering 6AM creates a cinematic world all its own. The world of film is nothing new to the Israeli born Kutiman who is rapidly gaining followers and fame for his role in the recently released documentary Presenting Princess Shaw. The doc follows Kutiman’s globe-spanning relationship with the titular Princess Shaw as he produces incredible works of art by mashing and fusing her voice with instrumentals from around the world.

“Shine Again” may not feature in that film, but it would definitely feel at home on the big screen as the soundtrack to one epic or another. With a luscious sea of swirling strings and a fuzzed out retro guitar tone that would make Jack White take note, Kutiman’s latest offering is as thrillingly new as it is familiar. Using skills honed as a mash-up artist, Kutiman effortlessly blends riffs from a variety of genres and musical traditions to create an aural amalgam that evokes everything from the sleekness of a Bond film to the hard edge of a 1970’s police procedural’s theme or the epic score of a classic Western.

When the lyrics come in, they tell the tale of a man with a rattle snake for a heart and poison in his veins who wants nothing more than to run away from it all and find love as the world falls down around him. According to Kutiman, these lyrics describe how he felt at the time of the song’s inception, roughly five years ago, but they also speak to a timeless feeling of longing for love and one’s place in a collapsing reality. Kutiman deftly employs a variety of percussive flourishes to punctuate his lyrics and make the composition a truly immersive experience

Overall, “Shine Again” seems tailor-made to bring a cinematic flair to any summer activity, be it a search for love among the sand dunes of Tel Aviv or perhaps just looking for a parking spot at your local beach. With this track, Kutiman has yet again crafted a work of art that amounts to far more than the sum of its influences. As this enigmatic figure continues to rise in popularity, “Shine Again” acts as a primer on the potential of Kutiman and his abilities as a musician, composer, and artist.

Upcoming Kutiman Tour Dates
June 22 Be’er Sheva, Israel at Hehaluts
June 23 Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel at Theatre Club

“Shine Again” is the latest single off of Kutiman’s latest release 6AM that will be released on June 17, 2016 and is available for pre-order now on iTunes and Google Play.