Last Emperor gets scientific

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With the help of the Bash Bros. hopefully, Last Emperor can put his older material to bed and looks to the future.

Lyricist Lounge veteran, Last Emperor has been living off “Secret Wars” for far too long. I remember making a Last Emperor mix CD in high school for my underground hip hop heads in study hall. It was basically this mixtape's pre-2002 material. It's damn ridiculous that these cuts are on Science Team… Go!, but it's not like he's banging weak shit over our heads.

It is dope to listen to old Last Emperor songs that are slightly word-heavy in the bars against newer Last Emperor and hear him master his words. He's always been ahead of his time, but the “2012” on some of his songs suggests Last Emperor is possibly feeling a deadline on his career. If an impending apocalypse means more Last Emp material, then I will let him use the end of a calendar as motivation.

His new record Wizard's Wardrobe is due this year. Download Science Team… Go! here.