Leisure, “Green Light” + Remix

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Last year, Leisure released the “It's Alright (On The Suez Canal)” single and based on that strong single, the band hit the road with Girls like it was that simple and leisurely to be a band. Basically, it was like it was the 90s all over again. The Cambridge, MA band is sounding less like an Abbey Road product on “Green Light”. The production is of the digi-chilly breed with computerized drums that shiver with echoes, while the shoegaze pedigree is exposed through a few well-placed soaring riffs.

Lead singer Jed Rouhana's small refrain of “you don't have to look, to see what's happening” plants “Green Light” into this winter of our discontent. It's a casual lyric that can easily be overlooked, but meditate on it for just a moment and it illuminates the arch of “Green Light”. Rouhana is trapped in the slow BPM count on the original, but Clive Tanaka and beaunoise light a match under the phoenix on their tag-teamed remix. The duo, like a good EDM team, linger on Leisure's “dying just to live” lyric, as it triggers the joints and muscles into activity on the floor. Listen to the Clive Tanaka and beaunoise remix in our player below.

Leisure's “Green Light” digi-single is available now through Crash Symbols.