Xray Eyeballs show some shine

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Xray Eyeballs, <i>Splendor Squalor</i>

Splendor Squalor is what Xray Eyeballs are calling their new album. It's a pretty straight-forward explanation of the general Xray Eyeballs condition, stemming back to those times we used to encourage coke parties in the basement of Don Pedro's* and these guys played upstairs.

Even before things got messy on Manhattan Ave, OJ was “on stuff that sounds something like The Wipers getting darkwave in some bedroom in Bushwick.” Fastword to synthier times, and replace “Bushwick” with “Greenpoint” and “bedroom” with “hourly studio rates” and you've got “X”, a sample off the band's upcoming February 28 album, out on Kanine.

Xray Eyeballs, “X”

(*That place has been dead ever since new management ate out its soul by locking the basement doors and plopping a beer cooler where the pool table used to be. Booooooooo.)