Liphemra, “Bloodwork” (feat. MED)

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The name Liphemra has trickled into our feed whenever we check in on our LA friends. It began with a collaborative track with Caleb Stones, formerly of Professor Calculus, called “Figli”. She appeared in Week In Pop with “Young”, a chilling mutuation of Portisheadian trip hop, and most recently joined Nocando on “Little Green Monsters”. Well connected in her city and clearly building towards something monumental, Liphemra has done no wrong and the streak continues with “Bloodwork”.

Featuring a guest verse from Stones Throw rapper MED, “Bloodwork” builds the Liphemra aesthetic as a toxic combination of lust and the macabre. It's in her voice and in the disjointed piano that sounds as though it's being played with bloodied fists. The pinning for being bound eternally borders on holding a lover captive like a complicated Stockholm syndrome arrangement. It's in the words “should be”, as something stands in the way of this dangerous liason. It's also possibly a classic Dracula tale when MED notes the time together yields a lack of aging. There's timelessness and then there's the ageless undead. “Bloodwork” suggests a blurring of the dichotomy.

The Part 3 mixtape is out in late February.