September Girls, “Green Eyed”

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september girls

Big Star fans, cool baby boomers, and precocious high schoolers will likely all be celebrating this one: the release of a new single, “Green Eyed,” by Irish girl group September Girls off their forthcoming debut LP, Cursing the Sea. They've found a way to meld highlights of shoegaze and 60s-style call-and-response kitsch à la “Look in my Diary” by Reparata and the Deltrons, of which the result is a dizzying explosion of organs and vocals drenched in reverb. The track sounds like an updated, less poppy “Hazy Shade of Winter,” but with a heavier bassline and more serious lyrics; they capture the difficulty of communicating, and the conversations that take place in our heads instead of out loud. Don't let the nonchalant poignancy hit you on the way out.

Cursing The Sea hits The States on March 11, via Fortuna POP!. The band will also be coming to the US to play at SXSW. Stream “Green Eyed” below.