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Taterbug is Charles Free, “singin son of the earth,” as well as a “brotherless child” with only loose connections to the Night People label. He sings and manipulates tapes that he's recorded, and some he's found, “sometimes scotchtape vocal dubs for that boy choir vibe,” and if you've got him live, it's “a lot more torched.” Taterbugs is an Iowa kid, so it was probably inevitable that he'd eventually run into Shawn Reed and Night People, or as Free puts it, it's “easy to find a creep in the corn.”

Free doesn't have tracks, “because an old neighbor of mine ripped my tapes up to the MySpace website,” so enjoy some lo-res rips.

Taterbug, “Taterbug's Chemcial Vacation”

Taterbug, “No Hippie Bus In Heaven”

He also offered up an impressive release history, with a mountain of self released tapes and CD-Rs, as well as stuff out on Night People, Moist Tapes, and Detrivore.

Charles Free's discography
Taterbug – “born into a flower” split w/Prudes (Detrivore)
Taterbug – “teenagers from afar” split w/Ryan Garbes (Detrivore)
Taterbug – “burden layer downer” (self-released)
Taterbug – “i wanna die in a sleepingbag with you” split w/Sunbear (Moist Tapes)
Taterbug – “boys of the feather” (Night People)
Taterbug – “turn on your love lamp” (self-released)
Taterbug – “no hippie bus in heaven” (self-released)
Taterbug – “featherbed in my head” (self-released)
Cosmic Charlie – “basements of my life” split w/Abelar Scout (Agents of Chaos)
Cosmic Charlie – “invisible college” (self-released)
Cosmic Charlie – “1-800-grass” (self-released)
Cosmic charlie – “grow your hair out” (self-released CD-R)
Cosmic Charlie – “jukebox monopoly” (self-released CD-R)
Cosmic Charlie – “melting in someone elses car” (self-released)
Cosmic Charlie – “strychnine from outerspace” (self-released)
Cosmic Charlie – “the revolving boy” (self-released)
Cosmic Charlie – “the revoling boy II” (self-released)
Cosmic Charlie – “play loud on slime” (self-released)
Cosmic Charlie – “partying is better than dreaming” (self-released)
Cosmic Charlie – “Guns and Doses” (self-released)
California Son – “no problem” (self-released)
California Son – “keep your cool” (self-released)
California Son – “chasin the dragon” (self-released)