Long Long Long got your friendly Canadian math rock

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Long Long Long, <i>Who The Fuck Said Family Ain't Family No More</i> cassette

It's not fair at all to label Long Long Long's sweet and melodic music as math rock, but being an American, I'm bound to my duties to simplify and reduce the subtleties of our neighbors up north to simple tropes, assumptions, and moose jokes. Therefore, this Halifax-based jangly experimental indie group have songs that kind of sound like DD/MM/YYYY slowed down by 80%. Which is actually pretty true for the middle two tracks on their latest cassette, “In a Geometric Fashion, Grass in a Geometric Fashion” and “You'll Not Guess Who I Met in Minnesota”. True to their name, the cassette title goes on for a while. Here's their Who The Fuck Said Family Ain't Family No More cassette:

Though you can't download all the tracks with this bandcamp embed above, they addended the page saying “if it says you should pay, you can download it here instead.”

“You'll Not Guess Who I Met in Minnesota” comes highly recommended as a feat of well-crafted long-form song craft.