Stalley debuts his Maybach jersey

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Rick Ross has bought himself a fine collection of rappers for his Maybach Music Group. Stalley's muscle car mentality is not exactly what I would associate with the Maybach lifestyle apropos of Rick Ross, but the Boss' taste in rappers (see: Wale and Meek Mill) seems far removed from his taste in lavish cars. As much as it pains me to say this, I'm not upset that Stalley chose to take his talents to South Beach. I was only able to type that after hearing “Chevys & Spaceships,” since it seems nothing is changing for Stalley.

Picking up where Lincoln Way Nights left off, Stalley dropped “Chevys & Spaceships” as part of Maybach Mondays. It's another smooth Rashad production, the exact sort that keeps Stalley feeling “hardy-ha”, but maintaining an edge that he's coming for the crown. It's a relief to know that Ross is not manhandling his new squad with demands of upholding a certain demeanor of lifestyle, but allowing his new recruits to retain their identities before they put on the Maybach jersey. Although, Stalley's songs are getting fairly cluttered with all the drops he's accumulated in his career. The Maybach Music girl joins the Ohio-Stand-Up white guy on “Chevys & Spaceships”. Let's hope Center Edge Territory does not create a drop as well.

Chevys & Space Ships by Stalley330