Lovely Little Girls, “Purify”

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If you’re into something a little darker–and much more demented–than your every day punk band, Lovely Little Girls just might be the cure for your yearning. Haunting, deep vocals–and often jarring outbursts of words–weave themselves over an interesting collection of instruments, including a very noticeable horns section. With “Purify”, Lovely Little Girls does what many bands might be afraid to do, crossing genres repeatedly within one song. The band hosts a very distinct punk, garage band sound, adding in bits of ska and big band intensity throughout.

“Purify” draws palpable comparisons to the intense tracks of Dead Kennedys, minus the obvious left-wing political references that they were known for, and that seem to be scattering themselves across pop culture during this election year. (Although, perhaps we are mistaken, as the mere title of the piece could be accepted as a maniacal political forethought.) The vocals have a very Gogol Bordello-reminiscent appeal to them, while there are moments of Devotchka-esque tranquility layered within the instrumentals.

We’re not sure what it is about this band, but we think they’d be immaculate to see live.

7/22: St. Louis, MO @ Foam w/ Hardbody, Demon Lover
7/23: Kansas City, MO @ Middle East
7/24: Dallas, TX @ Texas Theater w/  Akkolyte, Flesh Narc, Vaults of Zin
7/25: Ft. Worth, TX @ TBA w/ Pinkish Black
7/26: Austin, TX @ Museum of Human Achievement w/ Attic Ted, Jibber & Twitch
7/27: New Orleans @ Mudlark Theater with Gardenella, Three Brained Robot
8/1: Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Bobby Conn, Walking Bicycles, Chorus of Shadows