Makeunder, “Radiate, Satellite”

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Hamilton Ulmer, pka Makeunder, was cleaning his childhood home in San Antonio when he began recording the songs that would become his Radiate, Satellite EP. When a San Francisco-based artist has returned to his hometown with purpose of cleaning, and that town is half-way across the country in San Antonio, the wheels begin to turn. A press release describing the record as being “a brief and desperate journey through a family's life and death” disclose further hints into Ulmer's mindstate when recording Radiate, Satellite EP and particularly the title track.

Bursting with tension and exhaultation equally, on 'Radiate, Satellite” it's difficult to discern whether Ulmer is on the verge of smiling the biggest grin or breaking down into a hearty cry. He's feeling everything with such magnitude. It's the catharsis of cleaning the home of a recently passed loved one, as the details begin to unveil themselves to a point that one can see the heartbeat of a hummingbird and watch the satellites pass across the sun likeinsignificant, man-made eclipses.

The Radiate, Satellite EP is out July 24 and can be purchased here (name your price). Makeunder has also expanded into a sextet and is currently recording Ord, the first in a series of three EPs to arrive by winter.