Stream a sample of Max Eilbacher’s Subtle Scatter LP

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Max Eilbacher subtle scatter

Before drone became the noise-du-jour, modular pedal-pushing and tuner-shifting glitches were a focal point of avant garde music. Horse Lords bring those characteristics to their deconstructed rock format, and now bassist Max Eilbacher has deconstructed the deconstruction with his Subtle Scatter LP. Like Human Resources to Alan Watts, Max Eilbacher reigns and rains down a fuzz of dissonance upon the listener, as vocals come in and fade out of focus before you’re able to make out what is being said. The entire landscape is brutally adjunct, with changes and loops coming at a frenetic pace. Subtle Scatter is anything but, and takes an active listener to digest. As Tiny Mix Tapes so eloquently described it, “the stereo spread is an empty turtle-shaped sandbox waiting to be filled with oblong rubies, nails, torn scraps of paper, driftwood, and goos of various viscosities.” What they said.

Subtle Scatter is available now from Fogged Records. You can stream a sample of the LP below.