Mixtape: DJ Skee + Evidence, The Layover Mixtape

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Dilated Peoples own, Evidence (a.k.a. The Weather Man, EV), has a new mixtape out to promote his upcoming album, and it is making us rethink our hip hop snob sensibilities.

I tend to lean towards the south when it comes to my rap. I mean, I grew up listening to NY underground, west coast true-schoolism and anything okayplayer told me to buy, but I have definitely embraced my roots and settled down with southern rap over the last few years. So it's even more amazing to me that this mixtape of Evidence's grabbed hold of me so hard. It's prompting me to question my self-imposed break from the genre, and Dilated Peoples themselves: Evidence is tight and the beats are consistently illevangical. Heat from the bottom to the top. Download this and, if you're like me, rethink your asshole hip hop snob sensibilities.

Download link via Dubcnn

DJ Skee/Evidence, “Worldwide Ev” (feat Defari)

DJ Skee/Evidence, “Beats Like This” (feat. Montage One, Mitchy Slick, Big Twin, Diz Gibran, Styliztik Jones, Krondon, Rakaa, Iriscience, Crooked I)