Don't demean yourself Millionyoung

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I don't care if “indie chillwave” is a genre option on SoundCloud, you're better than that.

Somewhere along the line it became passe to just be a good pop band. Maybe it's a backlash to the last two or three years of sappy garage-pop tunes banging our eardrums until it culminated in Wavves of Best Coasts, but the reality is, a pop gem is one of the most important elements of all music. Just ask the Ramones or Beach Boys. In fact, I'm pretty sure I hear Brian Wilson taking a shit on chillwave as we speak.

So I'm here to tell you Millionyoung, break away from the labels and say it proud; you're a great pop outfit (not sure “band” applies here). Or at least “Calrissian”, the first track we're hearing from your forthcoming Old Flame release, would suggest so. Who knows, maybe you're just another ambient / electro / surf band like your Myspace suggests, but then we wouldn't have asked you to play the Imposition.

PS: I'm proud I wrote this whole post without one Lando mention.

Millionyoung, “Calrissian”