MUTWAWA got dem beams

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This new cassette could easily be visually mistaken for MUTWAWA's last one, since the art is by the same artist using the same colors, but honestly, from this Richmond shakers it's probably in the realm of “curating the aesthetic” than mere duplicitious laziness. The music, however, seems to have swung around a new corner. Instead of operating on a low-end conga creep, the masked men have pounded more electricity into their afro-lasers and turned up the volumn, if not technically the tempo. The darkness has been removed, at least from the cassette's title track below, and now we have a high-intensity pounder to work with. You can get more tracks on their Free Music Archive page, and the record is available from C.N.P. Records.

MUTWAWA, “Lamashtu Pazuzu”