Tobacco & Zackey Force Funk team up

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Demon Queen

Awful events are bound to transpire when you're sequestered in Arizona. Should this unfortunate circumstance befall you, we've got the new soundtrack to your methed out strippers in the backroom of a tattoo parlor playing the knife on a table game experience. Demon Queen is the collaborative lazer-funk project of Zackey Force Funk and Black Moth Super Rainbow's Tobacco. Lord knows how these two became acquainted, possibly in the back room of a tattoo parlor, but it happened and it led to “El Camino 2” and “Lamborghini Meltdown”.

The falsetto on “Lamborghini Meltdown” gives the impression that Zackey Force Funk is Wise Blood's separated-at-birth twin who grew up in polar opposites of his brethren. Wise Blood is out getting kidnapped by the KGB in foreign castles, while Zackey is in love with a stripper named “Exstacy” in a desert roadhouse.

If From Dusk Til Dawn 4 gets written, the soundtrack should be handled by Demon Queen. Tweet Quentin and Robert, people!