Billy Woods offers a loosie w/ MarQ Spekt & Open Mike Eagle

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Billy Woods

Billy Woods' History Will Absolve Me drops next week, but in the mean time he's absolving his cutting room floor of a track left off the record. It's unknown why Woods did not include “Frozen Sunlight” on his record, but if a Willie Green production featuring Open Mike Eagle and MarQ Spekt can't make the final tracklist, then he's got a championship record on the way.

“Frozen Sunlight” is a hair-raising banger; if the militant horns don't get you up in arms, the words will. Mike Eagle sounds like his rapping while he's on the run from Zooey D. and Eliza Dushku, Spekt spazzes in the street and Woods shows Chuck D how to properly write a hoops vs. the street metaphor. In regards to the collaboration, Woods said, “Open Mike Eagle set the table perfectly, and MarQ Spekt tore the beat to pieces. I went last, so I tried to tie together the sentiments of the previous two verses. I was definitely writing my verse feeling like 'don't fuck it up.” Woods has nothing to worry about as his “I'm at the Rucker drawing charges” line was enough to earn the closing statement honors.

History Will Absolve Me is out April 10 on Backwoodz Studioz.