Star Slinger and The Pack

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Star Slinger

UK producer Star Slinger, aka Darren Williams, teamed up with Lil B and Stunnaman, former members of Berkeley, CA’s The Pack, for his latest “Bad Bitches.” The name is about as impressive as the southern-drawl-gone-Cali delivery by B and Stunna, but that seems to be the angle Williams is working with on this track.

His production on “Bitches” forms a bog of minced vocals and bubbly tricks looped and stuffed between hits of wet snare, hi hat, and cow bell. The verse and chorus slog through the neck-high soup of maximalist club that will have grind-induced erections finding the belt more often than the high school “end of period” bell. Lil B and Stunnaman are not the feature here; they’re merely accomplices with letterman jackets in the assault.