Getting weird with the new Heavy Hawaii track, “Washing Machine”

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heavy hawaii

The new Heavy Hawaii record, Goosebumps, which is out on Art Fag Recordings now, is already a killer. Honestly, you don't even have to listen to it—just get into a pool at a house in Rancho Cucamonga, light up a spliff on an inflated pool float, soak in the warm Southern California sun, and slowly cradle the champagne of beers in an 80s-era beer coozy. Nachos would help, too. But if your locale prevents you from accessing those things with ease, you can take a listen to our favorite track off the San Diego band's second full-length album here.

“Washing Machine” reflects and shimmers like a house of mirrors at a middle-school carnival. The threat and excitement of a young crush looms at each bend, but you've just drank your first ever beer, and the liquid sloshes around in your stomach with the latent ease of a lava lamp. There's fear and anticipation, but most of all, a fabricated contentment thanks to your new carbonated best friend. Pretty soon, you'll meet the woman you were meant to be with, not this juvenile crush you're chasing after, and you and Maryjane intend to build a life together, leaving all of these childish games in the rose-colored past.

But you never forget your first beer. Get the full-length record here or in stores on 4/2.