Taught Abroad, “Pieces of Parts”

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Taught Abroad Ripe Hours EP

In 2012 Taught Abroad caught us well off guard with its self-titled EP. We needlessly apologized for it slipping beneath our expansive radar with the understanding of… never again.

The Taught Abroad EP sought a realm of Cocteau Twins, breakbeat percussion, and the lingering fog above the waves that chill. On “Pieces of Parts” the genesis of the Ripe Hours EP, Taught Abroad has delicately layered the funereal production. The percussion is hushed clap, there's a symphony of strings guiding the organs, while a post-rock guitar wails towards the satellites. It should amount to grandiose pomp, but Chris Sadek's whispered falsetto is an invitation into his ethereal dream land. The songs that follow will revisit the breakbeat of the Taught Abroad EP and unveil a longstanding admiration for the Midwest's lillipution prince of r&b, but “Pieces of Parts” is the growth of a year past.

Taught Abroad's Ripe Hours EP is out March 30.

The EP will be available for download and pre-order here with physical copies available at the release party.

Taught Abroad's Chicago release party will be held at The Burlington on March 30.
3425 W. Fullerton with support from Brother George and Cross Record.
Purchase tickets here.