New Wet Hair songs

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Two new tracks from Iowa City's finest purveyors of psychedelic organ and drum music.

On their last album, Dream, the duo showed signs of eagerly inching towards the sunnier sides of psychedelia. These new tracks that Shawn Reed sent over this weekend are the sound of Wet Hair arriving in the noon day light where shadows have burned away and every organ hook is clear-toned and celebratory. Likewise, Reed's chosen to temper the sometimes-unhinged vocals he's employed in the past and settled into on-key baritone.

I say this all with anticipation, not disappointment that the duo's “cleaning up its act” – all this brightness and positivity still happens within borders framed by shimmering organ drones and a general sense that the house of cards stacked so optimistically high could collapse in a destructo-jam at any moment. We'll have to wait for more new tracks to see how long the spring time lasts.

Wet Hair, “The Garden of the Pharoahs”

Wet Hair, “The Labor of Love”