No Other, “Destruction Song”

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no other

The screeching guitar scrawl at the last second of No Other's “Destruction Song” is the most telling detail on the entire new track from the Philadelphia three-piece. While the song moves along with tight-pulsed efficiency, using garage and punk to push it forward while relying on jangly tambourine to cut the sour with some sweet, the highlight is with certainty the crushing, perfectly balanced guitar noise that encases the track from start to close. No Other is comprised of some of Philadelphia's most beloved musicians (with members of The Pretty Greens, Helmsman, and Bedroom Problems) and the tightness in their debut release reveals their ability to construct well-balanced punk whose star players oscillate in importance between the grungy bass, the ticky-tappy drums, and the out-in-front vocals. The punctuating kicker at the song's close—the guitar all vibrant and squeelingly punched out—and it's like a champion has been chosen. Powerpunk with a guitar as its force of nature.

No Other have released their debut EP, I Believe In Werner Herzog, which you can download for free by going to their website here.