The Hunt, “Fifteen Minutes”

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the hunt

Recorded in 2009, The Hunt put out the first ever Sacred Bones record, a 7″ that has since its release been lost among the annals of time. As the Brooklyn institution puts prepares for its 100th release, the decision to reissue The Hunt's early music comes with a nostalgic charm—both in its familial quality (The Hunt is some Christan Kount and Jasper McGandy of Cult of Youth's early material) and in its sound. “Fifteen Minutes” is a Springsteen-esque goth-shaken track that lights up with that darkwave sound that has come to represent Sacred Bones's roster. The release will be the full The Hunt LP, The Hunt Begins, and can be picked up through Sacred Bones on November 12. Congrats on the milestone, SB!