Nocando & DJ Nobody are Bomb Zombies

Blake Gillespie

Bomb Zombies

Do these count as alt-boobies?

I can't think of a better way to grab your listeners attention to a new group than the chorus “fuck what you heard, this is what you need to hear” on Bomb Zombies' debut single “F.W.U.H. 16”.

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Bomb Zombies is the collaboration project of Low End Theory residents Nocando and DJ Nobody. With an EP on the way through Nocando's imprint Hellfyre Club, it's only a matter of time before the BZ gets a showcase at the Airliner. One might assume that an EP couldn't possibly stretch out to a set's worth of material, but as L.A. Weekly reports, the duo will drop a bonus cut called “Bangz,” which is about broads with eye-shades made of hair and features DJ Nobody dropping a rare verse.

“F.W.U.H.” is all about the Jimmy verses though. Nocando is notorious for the thick wordplay caked in eight layers of double speak, but on “F.W.U.H.” he's stripped to the the belligerent declaration of “young, dumb and reckless is the modus operandi” – making Bomb Zombies his possible ign'ant rap outlet.

The Sincerely Yours EP is out November 9 on Hellfyre Club.

Bomb Zombies, “F.W.U.H. 16”

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