NRVS – Revolution Traffic

Post Author: Aidan Grant

The Mystery-Clad Duo Bring A Socio-Political message to Their Art..

Drawing on elements of punk and indie, the new single from NVRS Is suitably raucous for the times we’re living in. Built on a foundation of raw, spirited guitar riffs and aggressive vocal tones, it’s a track that lays down a marker for the duos sound moving forward.

Involved with socio-political causes such as Extinction Rebellion, they’re an act that’s never scared to approach political issues in their music. In their own words, their music is fuelled on

“An obsession with ecological collapse, social dislocation, science fiction. Lyrics that stalk a landscape of social dislocation and cloaked oppression: anxiety as a means of control; the dystopia of the ordinary.”

Listen in full below..