Coyote Island – ‘Here Before’

Aidan Grant

The Maine-Based Songwriter Takes us on a Languid, Psychedelic Trip

Carefully towing the line between folk, indie & pop – Songwriter Coyote Island shares his new single ‘Here Before’ and it’s the ultimate Monday soothing anthem. The new single is a sultry take on a number of different influences, inspired by a night of hedonism.

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Ahead of making this track, Mike (Coyote Island) teamed up with friends/producers Nic Coolidge and Dan Verrill of the Indie-pop duo, Dazy Park. They posted up in Mike’s farmhouse studio for a couple of days, where two of the three took LSD and drank a bottle of Chartreuse. 

The result is the trippy new single ‘Here Before’, speaking on the track Mike states

“‘Here Before is about a sense of familiarity, recognizing a pattern. It’s also about soul searching and finding love. It’s about having a realization that you will never forget, and a sense of nostalgia that follows you.”   Also…. “It’s also a chilled out response to the heated tension in our social climate… to keep our cool, and hopefully will provide some good vibes for people as they navigate these uncertain times.” 


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