Ocean Hope, Chamber Dreams Remixes Vol. 1

Emily Chu

Ocean Hope, a collaboration between Greek brother and sister Angeliki and Serafim Tsotsoni, has just released a 4 track debut called Chamber Dreams. This is the first volume of the remixes that they plan to release, the second of which is coming out next month. This work brings together familiar artists, as well as new names, and is unlike any remixes that I have heard.

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“Super happy with how this stacked family affair all came together, with Hush Hush artists both new and old (and mysterious) stepping up to apply their own distinctive touch to Ocean Hope’s nostalgic and romantic dream-pop tracks,” exclaims Alex Ruder from Seattle label Hush Hush. “Aside from Ocean Hope’s fellow Grecians friends Keep Shelly in Athens, all the artists involved have releases of their own in Hush Hush’s deep and diverse catalog, so it’s an honor to get to spotlight their unique sounds and bring their talents together for this release. The same goes for the 2nd volume in the Chamber Dreams: Remixes collection, which will be coming out next month.”

Each track on this record is interesting and unique, none quite like the rest. Each one with their own vibe, while still maintaining infectious, pulsating energy. “We were excited to have such an enthusiastic approach from all of these great artists,” the duo elaborates. “Each one of them gave a unique and very imaginative perspective to our songs. Some accentuated the romanticism and the tenderness, others an untamed sentiment found on our compositions.  The result feels like a complex polyphony between real and imaginary.”

And all of that certainly comes through in the music.


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