PSYCH: Ovlov’s Back, Punk’d Us All

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dude in a dress drinking beer ovlov steve harlett

I've often heard musicians equate being in a band with being in a romantic relationship; the intimate dance between egos, control issues, and emotions amplify the power struggles that happen when creative visions diverge. In keeping with this comparision, the band as a whole would then constitutes the family unit. In bands with actual blood relatives involved, all those things can get seriously volatile.

Right now, the details are foggy but after some brotherly spat that involved a blood-and-band family member leaving and then the same blood-and-band family member coming back, Ovlov has decided to rescind their band family's conscious uncoupling less than 48-hours after they (temporarily) broke the hearts of New England jangly thrash rock fans everywhere. Or maybe they just fucking Punk'd us.

Regardless, we should all rejoice because Ovlov's back. Let us all resume listening without a mournful heart.