Viet Cong, “Static Wall”

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Viet Cong

It is exceedingly rare that from the ashes of a great band can rise something equally as intriguing. Following the disbanding of Calgary band Women and the death of guitarist Christopher Reimer, ex­-Women members Matt Flegel and Mike Wallce, along with Monty Munro and Danny Chrstiansen, formed Viet Cong. The band's first release, a tour­-only tape titled Cassette, is a diverse group of sounds that ranges from Television­-esque post-punk to vaguely pop. Next month, Mexican Summer will be re­releasing Viet Cong's debut Cassette on vinyl.

Viet Cong recently announced the second single from Cassette, “Static Wall”. The tune is swirling with just the right amount of psychedelic detachment. Stream below.

Cassette is out on vinyl July 8 through Mexican Summer.