Palm, Into the Bulk

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Hudson, New York's Palm has doesn't hesitate in exploring an expansive sound on their second EP, Into the Bulk. Proving that excess is not necessarily a negative quality, Palm employs a wide variety of sounds, effortlessly thwarting any attempts to pigeonhole the group into a single genre. Their droning sound, noisy hooks, and hypnotic vocals suggest influences ranging from Stereolab to Women. However, the most notable aspect of Into the Bulk is not the heavy sound, but the moments where this noise is paired with intimate vocals to exude a delicate angst. The band wastes no time, beginning the EP with the splashy “No Tribute.” Eve Alpert's sprawling voice works in contrast to Hugo Stanley's quick and crashing drums and Gerasimos Livitsanos' tight bass to create a deeply embodied sonic texture. Similar to Stereolab, the lyrics of “Utility” create a Futurist feel: “Fear of the past / dreams of the future / where life is lost / just picture progress / cause a machine can liberate us / from the weakness of human nature.” The third track, “Worse,” finds Kasra Kurt dishing out the rawest, most severe noise of the EP, repeating “I can't tell which one is worse” with increasing intensity. The song ends with a final moment of dissonance before abruptly ending.

You can stream Into the Bulk below, then head to Palm's Facebook page for forthcoming releases.