Premiere: PHORK, “King of Diamonds”

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"King of Diamonds" packaging by Neal Reinalda

Neal Reinalda is one of the founding residents of Open Space, a bit of an urban-oasis operating as an art gallery, library, studio, and performance space within a fully-functioning automotive body shop in Baltimore. Reinalda has also occupied a handful of music projects including Daytime, Dr. Unk, and most recently PHORK. Not to mention the track he contributed to this under his proper name, an ambient soundscape that experiments with Baltimore's 92Q.

Reinalda has been prepping releases with NNA Tapes and Dirty Pillows for the People's Higher Order of Royal Kinship, and offers us a new song and the first video from King of Diamonds.

An infectious and hypnotic techno jam soundtracks this economics lesson in apocalyptic greed, possibly an overarching peek into the ideas behind this new project. On the music side of things, PHORK appears to be Reinalda's first in-depth exploration into dance. While it's the underlying swirls of keys and cascading beats that keep things cool in “King of Diamonds”, on “What? What??” we experience more of a rager.

A conversation between Karl Myers and Michael Marx, members of the People’s Highest Order of Royal Kinship, on Reinalda's Tumblr reveals further insight to “What? What??”

KM: Is Eris true?
MM: Everything is true.
KM: Even false things?
MM: Even false things are true.</div>

KM: How can that be?
MM: I don’t know man, I didn’t do it.

PHORK's King of Diamonds is out on Dirty Pillows in March.