Psychic Shakes – “Suddenly”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

Brighton electronic producer thrills with existential slice of dark pop

In these deeply uncertain times, it’s become harder than ever to ignore the siren call of the constant scroll. Whether you’re refreshing for breaking news or cycling through TikToks, it may be time to check in with yourself before falling further into brain rot.

Psychic Shakes, the recording project of Brighton-based artist Max McLellan, understands this and has interpolated it into his latest single, “Suddenly,” the second off of the forthcoming Unsaid EP. Impose has the exclusive premiere of the track today.

The slick slice of dark-pop immediately envelops as guitars reverberate like rain on a lake. Electronics tastefully swirl in and out as McLellan croons from the shadows.

Whereas its predecessor, “Wage Slave,” tackled financial existential dread with janglier bent, “Suddenly” offers another window into the breadth of Psychic Shakes’ sonic scope.

McLellan details; “‘Suddenly’ talks about the outsider mentality of not wanting to be part of a society obsessed with social media. The way humans are now connected in an unnatural way is incredible, and there are many benefits to our newfound connectivity. But sharing, posting, and talking to people online is a weird liminal state that I don’t like being a part of, but in some ways it’s crucial to be part of the machine in order to stay relevant and in touch with people.”

Listen to Psychic Shakes’ “Suddenly” and look for more here. The Unsaid EP is out September 25th via Good Eye Records.

Good Eye Records · Psychic Shakes – “Suddenly”