Priority settings: Okie Dokie is something you need

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I had this sex ed. teacher in high school who looked like a pox-scarred version of David Hasslehoff and who everybody called “Magilla Gorilla”. Magilla taught me two very important things: one being how to apply a condom to a broomstick and the other the true difference between a 'need' and a 'want'.

Example: I want to have an unlimited amount of money so I can sit around and eat junk food all day until I'm totally obese, only to use my fortune for liposuction.

I need more bands like Okie Dokie in my life. Seriously, I'm only getting older, and bands who play incredibly fast and scuzzed out slop like this are becoming a rarity; no matter how badly you want to say we are in the middle of a “lo-fi revolution”.