Another Definitive Jux Presents compilation

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Save for the first Definitive Jux Presents compilation (which featured three menacing El-P solo songs posing as Company Flow bangers and introduced Cannibal Ox), these things seem more destined for the bargain bin than the Party Fun Action Committee record.

With Definitive Jux Presents IV looming in the near future, expect more of the same. These seem to serve a base purpose: promote DJ artists whose records will never see the light of day, save for a lucky 12″, and keep us informed as to how El-P's sound has progressed.

Here's Despot, who dropped a couple 12″ singles since appearing on Definitive Jux Presents 3 in 2004, getting his shine on once again, with a Ratatat produced ripper. Maybe this guy has finally paid dues?

Despot, “Look Alive”

I consider this dope even if it wasn't produced with Despot in mind:

I wish this compilation had two less Yak Ballz songs and two more Cool Calm Pete ones. I will settle for new Camu Tao music (R.I.P.) and a Central Services song. Also, Hail Mary Mallon is the an insanely dope group name and the line up is only adds to the intrigue.

Definitive Jux Presents IV track listing:
01 Weathermen “Reports Of A Possible Kidnapping” (Feat. Aesop Rock, El-P And Cage)
02 Camu Tao “When You’re Going Down”
03 Despot “Look Alive”
04 Cage “Worm In Her Vein”
05 Yak Ballz “Gas Galaxy”
06 Mr. Lif “Digi Data” (Feat. Miz Metro)
07 Hail Mary Mallon “D-Up” (Feat. Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, DJ Big Wiz)
08 Central Services “We Do The Work, You Do The Pleasure”
09 Rob Sonic “Domestic Animals”
10 Yak Ballz “Halogen Glow”
11 Chin Chin “Live Or Die”
12 El-P “How To Serve Man (The Meanest Things I’d Never Say)”

Definitive Jux Presents IV is out September 1.