Psychic Dancehall, “Santa Is A Freak”

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Psychic Dancehall, who have a forthcoming release on Dream Recordings next year, are getting into the holiday spirit one disco song at a time. This year, in a special new holiday tradition, the duo of Charles Rowell of Crocodiles and Hollie Cook, have uploaded a hypnotic new track called “Santa Is A Freak” that is sure to get you thinking about what is actually going on behind that angelwhite beard. Available for a free download here, this song is the exact antidote to your holiday sads, and if you play it at your family's Christmas get-together, you earn one thousand life points. We had a chance to ask Cook and Rowell about their take on the holidays below; stream “Santa Is A Freak” here; and stay out of the cold, all of you.

What kind of freaky stuff does Santa get into?

If he comes late enough, he can get into my closet, my panties and my shoes!

What's your favorite holiday memory? Do anything freaky yourself over Christmastime?

Receiving a lot of Barbies. Christmas is generally a time to dress up, be merry and be drunk. Which sounds like my Friday nights throughout most of the year except that rather than be merry I just like to play a woman named Mary.

Do you think the holidays are a good time for disco dancing? Even though we're all stuffed full of ham?

Of course the holidays are a good time for disco dancing. There is no wrong time for disco dancing. We've got to work off those holiday calories somehow. Drugs help too.

Is this a holiday tradition that will carry on through the years? Does it help get you in the spirit?

Writing Christmas songs or disco dancing? Both of them are incredibly uplifting to do. I would say that writing songs (especially festive ones) is easier than disco dancing. Either way I usually end up in a pretzel shape!

How do we overcome seasonal affective disorder? What do we do with ourselves after December 26?

Continue to eat and drink like a bunch of useless pagans. We're gonna crack on and record another album. This time for Dream Recordings, an offshoot of Art Fag. In the meantime, I would say that a visit to the Capri Social Club in Brooklyn would definitely cheer you up. There will be plenty of disco dancing happening there.

Who is the freakiest of all the reindeer?

Rudolph, the twink of the bunch. He's certainly the most freaky. He can probably twerk like crazy as well.

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