Psychic Feline, “White Walls” b/w “Non Dot”

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I heard the first Psychic Feline tape last year, which was released on Worm Tapes. It was a foggy psychedelic mumbler, with lots of really nice Easter Egg sound surprises hidden amongst the Myst. It was so deep and heavy and throaty in a really wonderful, mushroomy way, with tickly little drum beats dropping spores underneath heavy bass.

These new songs, “White Walls” and “Non Dot” sound like a completely new band is playing. Everything is sped up, and though there is still the tinkly little cymbal hits and rim shots, but instead of the psychedelic ooze, this is clearly Psychic Feline's punk record. It's good to be diverse! “White Walls” comes in at under two minutes and is snappy to boot. Coming out soon on Waterwing, the really cool Mississippi Records imprint that just released Witch Gardens, the second side of the 7-inch, “Non Dot”, is an instrumental jam with a really punchy guitar line that reminds me of some of the Pacific Northwest's classic post-punk bands, like almost half as fast as a Popular Shapes guitar solo but with the same high-pitched fervor.

Oh and you can check them out on tour now, dates below:

5/8: Albuquerque @ Gold House w/ Cloud Lantern and Star Canyon
5/9: Denver @ Old Curtis St. w/ Night of Joy
5/10: Kansas City @ The Middle East w/ Stiff Knights
5/11: St. Louis @ El Lenador
5/12: Chicago @ Situations w/ Meat Pressure, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk and Famous Laughs
5/13: Detroit @ P.J.'s Lager House w/ Small Beards
5/14: Dayton @ Dayton Pessimists Club w/ Nervosas
5/15: New Brunswick @ The Alamo w/ Scary and Sun Puddles
5/16: Philadelphia @ Cloud City w/ Ashley Arnwine and Friends and Youthless
5/17: N.Y.C. @ Death By Audio w/ Lame Drivers and Eula Toothaches
5/18: Cleveland @T BA-HELP!!
5/19: Madison @ Dragonfly w/ Zebras
5/20: Minneapolis @T BA-HELP!!
5/22: Bozeman @ The Filling Station w/ The Salamanders, Antoinette and The Cupcakes
5/23: Seattle @ The Rendezvous w/ Half Gift and Travis from Naomi Punk