Vår (fka War)

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It would seem we weren't the only ones not entirely sold on the moniker for Elias Bender Rønnenfelt and Loke Rahbek new project. It's been a couple decades since the last War, but the memory lingered. May 5 is Liberation Day in Denmark, commemorating the day Denmark pushed the Nazi's out of the country. The boys, possibly feeling riled up with patroitism, chose this day to announce the re-naming of their group as Vår, which is Danish for “spring time” – so there's all sorts of cool timing stuff going on.

Vår is sharing “In Your Arms (Final Fantasy)”, off the Sacred Bones' RSD comp Todo Muere Vol. II, to commemorate its name change. The track is significantly less blown out than “Brodermordet”, which we heard back in January. Full of tender sentiment, “In Your Arms (Final Fantasy)” airy synths lull us into a relaxed state that definitely makes us want to behave less like crotchety journos and more like born again lovers that might smell a few roses on our next walk.

Vår, “In Your Arms (Final Fantasy)”

The group released a video that features the band's friend, who also happens to be a male stripper.

Vår is making its US debut June 17 at Glasslands for the Sacred Bones showcase at Northside Festival alongside Crystal Stilts, Amen Dunes, Wymond Miles, and Warthog, a new hardcore band featuring Chris Hansell, formerly of the Men.