PSYENCE – “Dirty Gonzo”

Aidan Grant

An emphatic new psych rock anthem from the West Midlands outfit

“I Know That I’ve Got To Stop The Rot” is the anthemic opening chant on the new single from Psyence that accurately depicts the numb, Groundhog Day-type feeling we’ve experienced these last few months. The five-piece alternative outfit return this month with a full EP Reality or Design precursored by lead single “Dirty Gonzo,” a track that showcases their emphatic and raw songwriting talent. 

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Following on from their critically acclaimed recent singles “Tusk” and “Retrospect”, “Dirty Gonzo” draws on elements of garage and psychedelic rock to compliment their raw, alternative sound. Built on a foundation of a strong work ethic and DIY approach to release strategy, Psyence – comprised of Steve Pye (lead vocals and guitars), Jamie (Jay) Bellingham, Joe Walsh (drums), Ben Nixon (keys and synthesisers) and Jamie Cartlidge (rhythm guitar and vocals) – have also announced tour dates for the summer, including an already sold-out date at this early stage.

Speaking on the new EP, they state:

“Reality or Design? Says it all really doesn’t it? Has this past year been real? Or is it just some hellish nightmare we’re all gonna wake up from soon? 2020 was without a doubt one of the toughest years many of us have ever experienced. Within our families and friends there have been loved ones lost and new lives born, no gigs allowed, plans re-arranged, and then changed again. 

In the void and when we were allowed to do so we re-grouped in our studio, which has become our safe haven from the madness. We immersed ourselves in creation, experimenting with our music, writing new songs, searching for the path forward. So we now proudly present to you our new five track EP, our response to a frustrating year for most and question once more, Reality or Design?”

Listen to “Dirty Gonzo” below.

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