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Pure X

We gave you “Alexandria” back in May and today Pure X releases “Dry Ice” to the masses, affirming our suspicion that the band is out to record the perfect comedown record. Dripping with reverb that will echo through your ear chambers and delicately kept at a crawl, this is the antidote to those pesky drops that are cut with too much damn amphetamines – sure to sooth your cranking jaw.

The songs withing Pleasure were recorded sans overdubbing to capture a looseness the band felt was vital in capturing purity – meaning the moniker is not just a drug reference, but an artistic stance. Pleasure will include 2010 singles “Voices” and “Easy”, while “Alexandria” did not make the cut. Check out the tracklist for further theories regarding the drugginess of Pleasure.

Pure X, “Dry Ice”

Pure X's Pleasure is out July 5 on Acéphale.

01. Heavy Air
02. Dream Over
03. Twisted Mirror
04. Easy
05. Voices
06. Surface
07. Stuck Livin
08. Dry Ice
09. Pleasure
10. Half Here