Remember when Weezer wrote songs?

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Weezer singer Rivers Cuomo reads a book in the Weezer Snuggie

Or how Weezer started caring more about brand marketing than the music.

Weezer the band might have died in the eyes of their die-hard fans some time ago, but Weezer the brand continues to thrive. Their latest integrated marketing ploy sees them teaming up with the makers of Snuggie–you know, the blanket with sleeves that will some day live in fashion infamy next to Zubaz.

Complete with infomercial, this gimmick is so tongue-in-cheek, you have to give them credit for their creativity. In fact, it's so good, you don't even realize they have a new album that just came out. And that's probably a good thing, because at their advanced age, the childish antics they're known for now needs younger hip-hop stars to pull off the irony. But don't hate on Weezer too much, after all, they're kind enough to give away their new record for free if you buy their branded Snuggie.

See? They're really just nice guys who want to keep you warm while you listen to some average pop tunes. Or maybe they've just figured out a way to gouge you for $30 for a record they know you'll be able to download for free. But hey, at least you get a shitty tard-blanket with their logo on it.