Residuels, Hurricane

Meredith Schneider

photo by Liz Bretz

Philadelphia’s rock band Residuels – comprised of Justin Pittney (vocals, guitar), Mike Cammarata (drums), and Kyle Garvey (bass) – have been hard at work prepping their new EP Hurricane for us. It’s a rough and tumble collection of four exquisite songs that will have you lacing up your fall boots with confidence. We’ve got your exclusive first listen.

Recorded and co-produced by Jeff Zeigler at Uniform Recording, Hurricane is just what we needed to roll into the next season. The title track, “Hurricane”, is a heavy rock anthem if there ever existed one, highlighting the raspy, enduring qualities of Pittney’s voice. It unfolds into a more upbeat, instrumental-heavy piece, with composition reminiscent of Foo Fighters greats. “Whatcha Wanna Do?” continues in the same vein, however on a more psychedelic track with the reverb and scream/sing variety of vocals.

“Maligned” starts out with a stunning guitar riff, percussion building in to the piece. It’s held at a slower tempo than its predecessors, the vocals coming down to a loose baritone. “The Castle” rounds out Hurricane, equal parts western soundtrack and slow rock song. It’s a rock ballad, replete with those signature rough vocals Pittney has maintained throughout the EP, and a more melancholic vibe to really bring closure to the release.

Tour Dates
9/21 – Ace of Cups (Columbus, OH)
9/22 – Vic Theatre (Chicago, IL)
9/23 – Magic Stick (Detroit, MI)
9/25 – The Danforth Music Hall (Toronto, CA)
9/26 – Theatre Corona (Montreal, CA)
9/27 – Royale Boston (Boston, MA)
9/28 – 9:30 Club (Washington, DC)
9/30 – TLA (Philadelphia, PA)
10/1 – Irving Plaza (NY, NY)

Tapes will be available on the road – with a small stash in Philly for mail order at

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